About the idea behind

We are…

…what others want us to be. By far too often. We are wearing masks, playing roles to meet other’s expectations. We restrict ourselves, forego the freedom to be what we long to be.

But what do I want to be? A challenging question. Answers might take some time – and will change again and again. Why restricting oneself to be a static something forever and ever anyway? Why building an image and establishing it just to please others, to fit into a pattern, to become a prototype of the “perfect” self.

Perfection is a myth, and so is image. Deep inside of us, there’s an unrestricted self. And I want to show you mine to encourage you to explore yours. I’m Maria, a normal person, no celebrity, no model, no millionaire, no prophet, no saviour, not even particularly show-offy, and still I genuinely believe in the possibility that we all can be what we want to be, all over again, every single day. It’s not a question of money or exceptional beauty or perfection in any way or form, it’s a question of inner freedom and the courage to express all the unrestricted selfs.

My unrestricted me will show you how I feel today, what I wanna be today, what I ate or used or tried today and how I liked it. This blog will contain personal insights, product reviews, recipes and much more. Maybe you also want to inspire me? Write me!


Important: All rights are reserved. I’m working with several photographers, Guido Jansen in the first place. I own my pictures’ rights and don’t allow anyone to use or publish them anywhere, not even in parts or as a copy, without my written permission. Also, my thoughts are my intellectual property and protected by law. Same applies to thirds’ material which always will be labelled as such. Direct all enquiries to: maria@myunrestricted.me



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