Eleven things I don’t need

(in order of appearance, not necessarily of importance)

1. Paying more for posh label clothing. I am willing to pay more if the fabric’s quality is good and the production process is fair. But I am not willing to pay more while this is making people richer who are out of touch with the working class world anyway. I won’t pay for their lifestyle, I don’t need big names, my self-confidence is alright with being wrapped in no-names.

2. Processed food. I want to eat real food, my body needs real nutrients. And I’m a good cook. So I don’t need neither tinned pasta nor frozen pizza nor pre-cooked curries. Nor artificial flavour enhancers.

3. American lifestyle. It’s not about the people, I’m convinced there are many nice and reasonable Americans over there! But I don’t think that the right to wear guns leads to peace on earth or makes life less dangerous, rather the other way round. I dislike the tendency to using too much make-up, to being into fake stuff (tan, lashes, boobs, speeches, whatever), to supersize everything and go for quantity not quality, and to think of the own country as the „blessed“ one. This amount of superficiality and hybris I cannot stand is not my cup of tea.

4. Bottled water. I do get why people in Spain buy natural, non-sparkling spring-water in bottles: The quality of the pipelines and the fresh water there is not the best in most parts of the country. I don’t get why people in other countries (including Germany where I am for the time being) buy bottled water and preferably even expensive ones with posh names in stylish bottles (see also 1.) when we just need to open the tap and fill a glass.

5. Something new on repeat. My mobile phone (three years old, I think) is working. I can phone, I can text, I can check on Twitter etc. So why would I purchase a new one? Because there are new ones, better ones? There will always be a new and better one of whatever you can think. Clothing, electronics, wallpapers, lipsticks, I have no idea what else. There will always be a follow-up, another trend. But this does not mean we fucking need it!

6. An app for everything. I don’t need my mobile reminding me of drinking. I don’t need my mobile observing me electronically while I sleep (I don’t even want it near me when I’m sleeping). I don’t need to know how many calories got burnt after running 5 miles. I don’t need a commenting sound for every situation. I’ve lived 36 years without all this, and my life was/is certainly not worse than the lives of people who frequently hear a beep from their device telling them what to do and what to avoid. Sake.

7. A virtual „community“. Yes, I want to share my thoughts and discuss yours if you fancy to share yours, too. I love to connect to new people. But what I do not need is a bunch of followers judging me with thumbs up, thumbs down and discussing whether or not I’m looking tired/refreshed/trendy/boring/whatever today and act as though they knew me when they don’t.

8. A child. I do like children. And given the right place, time and partner, becoming a mother would not be the worst for sure. But the fact that there’s an uterus inside of me, that I’m monthly getting my period and that I have the option of a pregnancy do not define me as a person. My life is complete without a child. I am complete without a child. I would be just as complete with a child. It would be different, but that’s all. Different, not better or „more complete“. There’s not even a comparative to „complete“. I might get a child one day, but I don’t need it.

9. A hair stylist. No, really. I can trim the very ends of my hair by myself. I don’t need someone to talk to me for hours about things I’m not interested in while my hair is suffering under tons of artifical colourants which are very unnecessary.

10. Sugar. I do think at times I need it, especially when I’m down. Or when I catch someone lying. Or when I have a conflict ahead with no way around. I do think of tons of chocolate then. But that’s no solution, as we all know. And the damage of too much sugar is bigger than this one second of forgetting about the bad world while the chocolate is melting on the tongue…

11. False friends. I’ve learnt how to say goodbye to people who unbalance me. And when.


One thought on “Eleven things I don’t need

  1. Hey myunrestrictedself! I’m really loving your blogs! Especially this one about the 11 things you didn’t need in your life! I particularly agree with your second and tenth reasonings!

    Processed foods definitely lack the nutrients our body needs and not only that, processed foods usually contains a lot of sugar as it acts as a preservative. Which is kind of gross come to think about it! Like yourself, I like to consume food that I’ve made myself because it’s always good to know what I’m putting into my body! Yes, sometimes it is convenient and it feels good to indulge, but it also feels good when I know that I’m eating something that is natural and healthy as well!

    This also links to the tenth thing that you didn’t need in your life – which is sugar! I love my sugar quite frankly, but I also know that it is bad for me and that there’s a lot of leading health problems resulting from a high consumption of sugar! So instead of eating large quantities of sugar, I try to pace myself and take sugar in moderation. Or in some circumstances, I try not to eat sugar at all! Over the past weeks, I have managed to totally cut sugar out of my morning coffee!

    I’ve created this blogpost which lists the 15 Reasons Why We Should Decrease Our Daily Sugar Intake! I felt that a lot of people are unaware of how much healthier they would become if they cut even a little bit of sugar from their life. Sugar Sticks was created to encourage young people to look after themselves and to stick to their recommended daily sugar limit. It would be amazing if you could take some time to read this article and check out my website! Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated!

    Link to my blog: https://sugarsticksblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/06/15-reasons-why-you-should-decrease-your-daily-sugar-intake/

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