6 things I hate

Despite the sunny weather and my generally good mood, today I want to talk about bad habits and things that get me angry. Everyone has them, most people oppress them or blank them out, but in my honest opinion this leads to gastric ulcer and is stupid anger management. Think of a thunderstorm: After it, the air is amazingly clean, and you simply feel better. So let’s go for my recent hate-top-6 (in order of appearance) – and let me know about things you hate, too, if you feel like it:

1. I hate people who wallow in self-pity but present themselves being oh so fun-loving and bold. Do they even realise that phrases like „I will never find someone who loves me the way I am, but that’s okay, I cope with it, and after all, I have so many fantastic friends“ contradict themselves and are plainly annoying?

2. I also hate eternal victims. Think of someone who forgets your birthday, is busy when you need their help, doesn’t get in touch with regularity, but if you dare to do something against their will, they cry about how bad a friend you are and flood you with reproaches, telling you how important the friendship was to them. WTF?

"Natural" make-up. Not. (c)Pakura3. Women who use concealer, primer, foundation, powder, contouring shades, blush, highlighter, eye primer, darker-than-skin-eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, fake lashes, lash curler, more mascara, brow pen, brow gel, lip primer, lip liner, lip stick, gloss (hope I didn’t forget any unevitable products here) – and then call it a “natural look” (as often seen in YouTube-vids). Ridiculous.

Just saying: For the pic attached here and above (in daylight) I have followed those “natural look”-advice, and it’s overdone, without the slightest doubt. Natural colours: yes. Natural look: erm, nope. I hate it feeling all those products on my skin. And those lashes. No!

4. Women in particular who feel like a show master due to their own YouTube-“channel“ starting at least 8 of 10 sentences with the word „like“. If you don’t know how to express yourself, stop talking in front of a camera.

5. People who put their whole life – and the one of their partners – on Instagram. Not as in “look, I’ve done something special” but as in “now we are here, now we do that, now I meet xyz, now I drink dunno-what, now I’m falling asleep”. It’s always annoying and slightly embarrassing, but if they are mums who frequently post kid-pics as if they a) don’t have an own life and/or b) want paedophiles to look at their children, or a star’s date who frequently post look-whom-I’m-dating-pics, it’s worst.

6. Label hypes. When you think or say things like „omg, I just HAD to buy this eyecolour palette, because it’s the third in the series of *anyenvoguelabel*, and I need to have all of them“ or „if I don’t get the bag this model was wearing in the ad, my life has lost its sense“, pause a moment and think of people elsewhere in the world who starve to death or get shot in the streets.


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