My #hottags of the week

I’d love to establish a kind of personal trend watch each Sunday. I hope to inspire you with my #hottags (in the meaning of: fictive hot trendy hashtags which tell their own story) and get to know more about yours.

Intuition book ©Pakura#BooksAreSexy And I mean the actual printed things. Had to rearrange my private library of approx. 1000 books today as I couldn’t find anything without a proper order. Recently #AmReading „Intuition“ by Peter Jinks btw.

Anchor shirt ©Pakura#LetMeBeYourHarbour is what I think when wearing a vintage maritime look. Only yesterday, a girl approached me while queueing in the drugstore saying „oh wow, your look is so gorgeous, do you sew your own clothes?“. No, I don’t. Regrettably I don’t sew. And I don’t even spend a huge amount of money in specialised vintage stores. The tight jumpsuit I wore yesterday was a Sale-product via an online-store for 20 bucks, the shirt with the cute tiny anchors (see pic) was an organic cotton one from a cheap store for 4 bucks. #IdontNeedPoshLabelsToFeelGood

Almond milk ©Pakura#AlmondMilkMakesMeHappy because it’s naturally sweet, vegan and stomach-friendly. I recommend a summer-ish mix of almond milk, cocoa nips, ice cubes and a hint of tonka bean.

Salty face soap ©Pakura#SaltOnMyFaceSkin is a stunner when it comes to clear, smooth, happy skin. I newly use a handmake natural soap basically containing of salt, cocoa butter and shea butter for facial cleansing. Old fashioned but effective: only soap and water plus an organic light cream. Less wrinkles, more moisture, less flaws are what I do notice.

Do you also have personal #hottags? Share them with us!


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