Sugar, sugar, baby… Or not!

Okay, I’ll admit it now: I am addicted. And I am actually convinced that most of you who read this are addicted as well. To sugar. Not that bad, that’s what you think, right? But it is. I’m a great fan of Sarah Wilson and her blog/book/programme “I quit sugar”, and she knows all the arguments against sugar much better than I do. Just to sum up some of the most important ones: Too much sugar let us gain weight, of course, but it also can make us tired, depressive, forgetful etc. Without even thinking about it, we consume the amount of 25 sugar cubes per day, not rarely even more, much more. And I’m not talking about the casual piece of chocolate or a slice of cake, but about the daily “non sugar” stuff such as sauces, ketchup, pickled vegetables, tinned fruits, fruits in general, pasta and bread. I am convinced that we can take a huge impact on our health when we quit sugar. But it’s not that easy. Honestly not easy at all.

I’ve tried it several times. And failed after a few days. I just needed that cereal mix with chocolate chunks or the granola bar with lots of honey or cinnamon and honey in my yoghurt. Not that big a sin, you say? You’re right. I eat healthy stuff in the first place and my sins are not that big. We are not talking tons of crisps and sweets. All the same, there was this urge. All my thoughts circled around sweet taste on my tongue somehow. And this definitely is an addiction.

I invite you to join me with a new try. Today I start a sugar free week. I hope I will make it one week at least. Without any added sugars, not processed white one, not raw brown one, not honey, no substitutes. My breakfast contained of scrambled eggs with bacon and a green salad with white cheese and black pepper. I’ll keep you posted. Tell me your thoughts and experience in the meantime, please!


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